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Windy Ridge - Palmer Alaska

Metal Mania Metal Clay Assorted metal clay


Copper Clay * Bronze Clay * Nickel Brass Clay (Midnight Sun SIlver)  * Brass Clay (Alaska Gold)

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Metalmania Metal Clays are Made in Alaska, ("Not in China") We offer Jewelry Grade metals, Copper, Bronze, Brass and Nickel Brass metal clays in powdered  form. You mix it fresh when you want to use it.

Our metal clays are designed to be fired using a digital kiln  in an oxygen reduced environment: Specifically, using activated charcoal in a stainless steel firing pan with a fitted lid. 

After firing according to directions, the binder is burned out, and the metal powder is sintered.  Pickling and/or polishing is beneficial for the finish you desire.

COMING in the SPRING of 2019

Metal Mania Metal Clays will be offered in premixed packages for $14.95


American Manufactured, Jewelry Grade Metals

We use only American made, high quality metals for our metal clay production. You can make high relief, three dimensional and/or hollow projects with our clays.


Ancient Jewelry Plates

We also carry hundreds of one of a kind, ancient to vintage handcrafted JEWELRY PLATES. Obtained over a period of years, from several Near East and Far Eastern countries. These plates were used by artisans for centuries to fabricate jewelry and to adorn rich and poor alike. Each plate is hand made, and no two plates are identical. Prices range from $25 to $350 each. Please email us your contact information, including phone number and we will be in touch with you regarding our inventory. Serious inquiries only please.

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Please email us your order, questions etc. Leave a phone number if you want a call back, along with your time zone. We make every attempt to return contact within 24 hours. We are a small, family run business. Our low prices here, are reflective of the savings we would have had to pay to Amazon or Ebay if our items sold there. Purchase here, and you get the discount.


You can make a purchase over the phone with a credit card, or send a check by mail.  We do not ship until payment has cleared. If using a credit card by phone, we use the "SQUARE" credit system to hand enter your information.  We are not fans of PayPal.

Important Information About Our Metal Clay

Our metal clays all REQUIRE use of a digital kiln, activated charcoal in a reduced oxygen environment such as a stainless steel firing pan with a lid,  They are NOT quick fire, CANNOT be used in an oven or done with a torch. 


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